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Articles Tagged 'British Humor'

Personality Quiz: How Sarcastic Are You?

For years, Brits have stereotypically defined their sense of humor against that of people in the U.S. by smugly stating that Americans don’t ‘get’ irony. This is bull. If saying what you do not mean for comic effect—whether for the purposes of sarcasm, mockery, ridicule, scorn, sneering or scoffing—was incomprehensible in America, how do you […]


Two Brits Debate: Are Americans Sarcasm-Literate?

Two Brits-in-America discuss Americans and their use of sarcasm (or lack thereof). Toni Hargis: I’d say many Brits have experienced Number 9 on the British People Problems list: “I phoned Netflix customer support, which is U.S. based, they were so overly polite I thought they were being sarcastic and hung up.”  (You can read more […]