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Articles Tagged 'British History'

A facsimilie copy of the 1215 Magna Carta (Pic: Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Magna Carta: 5 Pop Culture References to the 800-Year-Old Document

Today marks 800 years since the English King John, surrounded by angry barons, was forced to put his seal to a document called “the Charter of Runnymede,” named after the place it was signed, near Windsor. It was a treaty that was drafted by the Archibishop of Canterbury, making peace between the King and the […]

Sir Winston Churchill in 1929 (Pic: Fox Photos/Getty Images)

10 Things You May Not Know About Sir Winston Churchill

January 24 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill, undoubtedly one of the giants of 20th century world politics and an enormously popular figure in Britain. Thanks to an eventful life played out during some of the most unsettled years in world history, his is a reputation that is not without […]

Watling Street

10 Hybrid Images of Festive London

Merry Christmas from everyone at Anglophenia! Here, to set your festive morning off with a blast from the past, are 10 images created by the photographer Peter Macdiarmid, after scouring London for the locations of various Christmassy photographs taken in the U.K. capital at various points over the last 100 years. The method is fairly […]

The Greenwich Prime Meridian

Why Do International Time Zones Start in Greenwich?

Last Sunday (October 26), British clocks went back from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time, restoring the whole country to the internationally unified line from which all time (and distance) is measured: Greenwich Mean Time, which is derived from the Greenwich Prime Meridian, running through London. But why London? Why not Istanbul or Indianapolis? […]

Dripping tap

WATCH: Why Do the British Have Separate Hot and Cold Taps?

When you grow up expecting things to be a certain way and find out they are not a universal constant, it can be quite bewildering, and when that bewilderment is applied to plumbing, things often get unpleasant. To travel in a land where, for example, toilet paper cannot be flushed, when one is used to […]

Poppies at the Cenotaph

10 Lingering Effects of World War I on Britain

Today (July 28) marks 100 years since the start of the First World War. A conflict of unimaginable scale that effectively redrew the maps of Europe and the Middle East and cost 16 million people their lives. The war also left its mark on British society in all kinds of subtle ways, changing social relationships […]

Pentre Ifan

6 Impressive British Stone Structures That Aren’t Stonehenge

Two things are staggering about the Neolithic sites that pepper the British Isles: the first is that there are quite so many in such a small area—approximately 1,300 stone circles across the British Isles and Ireland, and that’s before you count the other constructions: from hill-forts to longbarrows, fogus to dolmens. And the second is that […]

Red phone box

Five Things That Happened In The Year The Queen Was Born

Today (April 21) is HM Queen Elizabeth’s 88th birthday, an event that has been marked with the kind of ceremonial events one would expect—guards firing cannons—and some that could only have happened in the modern era. For example, yesterday a new portrait, taken by David Bailey, was unveiled from HM’s Twitter feed: David Bailey photographed […]

A black rabbit

10 British Ways to Ring in the New Year

Before we get started, let’s be clear that traditions are often unique and singular, and have the capacity to travel far and wide. So if we happen across a thing you always do out in Missouri or Seattle, and you’ve never even been to Europe, much less the British Isles, let’s just call it a […]

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