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Articles Tagged 'British Football'


WATCH: The ‘Sherlock’ Cast Get Behind the Wales Soccer Team

Europe is currently in the grip of football fever as the Euro 2016 soccer tournament comes to a close, and last night (July 6) Wales played Portugal in the first semi-final. So?, we hear you cry. Why should I care? Well, firstly Wales doesn’t often get that far. The last time the tournament took place was in 2012, and […]

Jealousy Toward David Beckham Cost England the World Cup?

I think David Beckham is overrated in too many ways to count – starting with his much-touted sex appeal and fashion sense – and clearly his England teammates felt the same way. Football super-agent Pini Zahavi attributes England's devastating World Cup defeat to "intense jealousy" amongst players toward Beckham. From The Guardian: "The problem in […]