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Articles Tagged 'British Food Dishes'

Comedian Al Murray and his British bangers (Pic: Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images)

10 Great British Bangers for Hot Dog Day

Before we really get stuck in, it might help to have a brief look at the language around sausages in Britain, and how they’ve been used in certain recipes. For example, the term bangers—when used to describe sausages and not albums by Miley Cyrus—came from the habit certain cheaper sausages had of exploding in the […]

Fries or chips? (Pic: Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

What is the Difference Between French Fries and British Chips?

Language is fiddly, particularly around food. One man’s eggplant is another man’s aubergine, and that same man’s courgette is the first man’s zucchini, even if both men are using their vegetables to make a dish that they freely agree is called ratatouille. It’s even more confusing to try to work out which food is which […]

Kippers and toast (Pic: Kai Hendry)

5 British Breakfasts From History

For all that the great British fry-up is the king of all breakfasts (shut up, granola; back away, scrambled eggs; don’t test us, waffles, you will lose), it was not the only choice available to peckish Brits down the years. Not while there were kidneys to devil and kippers to smoke, at any rate. Mind […]

British Cheeses

A Brief Guide to British Cheeses

Before we start, we should mention the scale of the undertaking. There are over 700 different cheeses made in the U.K. which is a lot of ground to cover. And the recipes vary from ancient and traditional to brand new and unorthodox. You’ve seen the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch? Talking about British cheese is […]

A French biscuit made by a British biscuit company

Why are ‘Biscuits’ Different in Britain?

When considering the differing terminology for common things between Britain and the U.S., it’s often a case of finding out who called their thing the thing they call it first, and declaring them the winner. So, just to remove the element of suspense, when it comes to biscuits, the Brits win. That’s all you need […]

Simnal Cake

Easter Is Coming: Let’s Make a Simnel Cake

We know that Anglophilia is a competitive sport—to be honest it is in the U.K. too—so why not have a bash at making a cake that is traditional to the British Isles, but not so ubiquitous that everyone has heard of it? That way, you’re not only showing off your expert knowledge to the part-timers, […]

English Breakfast, WIKI

Snapshot: 12 Photos of Traditional British Food Dishes

There seems to be a running joke that British food is boring and bland. Visitors to the U.K. went so far as to vote its local fare as the worst, according to a 2012 survey. What’s not to like? Meat, good. Flaky biscuit, good. Meal in a snack, GOOD. Check out 12 photos of traditional British food dishes […]