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sticky toffee pudding

7 Quintessentially British Puddings to Try at Home This Fall

Now that fall is upon us and the weather’s starting to get colder, you might find yourself craving a sweet treat that really warms your bones. This is where traditional British puddings come in: they’re sweet, appealingly stodgy, and have a comforting nostalgic quality to them. Here are seven all-time classics that aren’t too tricky […]

Dame Judi Dench Camilla Duchess of Cornwall

10 of the Most Popular British Ice Creams and Ice Lollies

Even if your summer hasn’t involved any sun, sea, or sand this year, you’ve surely found time to enjoy an ice cream or two. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular varieties of ice cream and ice lolly – that’s the British English term for popsicle – that you’ll find in the U.K […]

An ungarnished Yorkshire pudding  (Photo: AP Images)

6 Unusual Ways to Enjoy Yorkshire Pudding

Today, as we all know, is National Yorkshire Pudding Day in America. It’s a time for families to get together, look back on the last 12 months with fondness, exchange presents, and prepare for the year ahead. October 13 is set aside in the calendar, with many people taking time out from their busy lives […]

Comedian Al Murray and his British bangers (Pic: Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images)

10 Great British Bangers for Hot Dog Day

Before we really get stuck in, it might help to have a brief look at the language around sausages in Britain, and how they’ve been used in certain recipes. For example, the term bangers—when used to describe sausages and not albums by Miley Cyrus—came from the habit certain cheaper sausages had of exploding in the […]

Fries or chips? (Pic: Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

What is the Difference Between French Fries and British Chips?

Language is fiddly, particularly around food. One man’s eggplant is another man’s aubergine, and that same man’s courgette is the first man’s zucchini, even if both men are using their vegetables to make a dish that they freely agree is called ratatouille. It’s even more confusing to try to work out which food is which […]

Mixing the drinks (Pic: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

5 British Summer Cocktails

Thinking of hosting some kind of summer garden party? Fancy having a go at Britishing up your cocktail list? Even if the answer to both of these questions is no, we still have a list of delicious beverages all dressed up and ready to go, a list that will possibly make your party go with […]

Karen Gillan (Pic: Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Karen Gillan’s Favorite Condiment: Chippy Sauce

Earlier this week, Karen Gillan was tweeting about her excitement that she was returning to her native Scotland, and as someone that has spent a lot of time away from home, it’s the little things that you can’t get elsewhere that tug at the heartstrings. In her case, this meant going to a fish ‘n’ […]


Brits Put What in a Sandwich?

Never let it be said that Brits aren’t serious about their sandwiches. Oh yes, we Brits (well, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich) invented the sandwich and take enormous pride in our skills. Just ask the Daily Mail editors who, when posing the question “Is there no one left in Britain who can make a […]

Kippers and toast (Pic: Kai Hendry)

5 British Breakfasts From History

For all that the great British fry-up is the king of all breakfasts (shut up, granola; back away, scrambled eggs; don’t test us, waffles, you will lose), it was not the only choice available to peckish Brits down the years. Not while there were kidneys to devil and kippers to smoke, at any rate. Mind […]

Scotch eggs in 1957 (Pic: Chaloner Woods / Getty Images)

Personality Quiz: Which British Food Should You Try?

If you’re not gastronomically adventurous, the idea of sticking your face in a pie or pudding of unknown providence may be a little daunting at first, especially if they are not a fondly-remembered part of your childhood cuisine. But there are untold delights to be found in the British kitchen, some hot and sloppy, some […]

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