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8 Aspects of British Life I Came to Forget

It is common knowledge among regular readers of Mind the Gap that we Brits do like to reminisce about the things we miss from back home. However, there are perhaps just as many aspects of British life that—instead of filling our minds with longing—escape our minds entirely. It isn’t necessarily that these elements conjure up […]


10 Weird Things Brits Do in America

So we come over here and assimilate nicely (so we think), but there are some things we British expats find ourselves doing that may raise American eyebrows anyway. Half the time we’re not even conscious of our oddities. Watching old British television shows just to get a taste of the Mother country. Many of them […]

Frances Anderton

KCRW Host Frances Anderton: Why L.A. Architecture is Interesting

Not many people see Los Angeles as an epicenter for architecture. An epicenter for earthquakes, perhaps, but isn’t it a city strangled by miles of endless freeway, supplied by roadside strip malls, and serviced by enormous parking lots? British radio host, producer and author Frances Anderton couldn’t disagree more. Talking by phone following her early […]

Freshly Mowed Grass

10 British Smells You’ll Miss When You Leave the U.K.

Your nose is a delicate, easily offended piece of equipment. Move out of the country and your British-born snout will mourn these familiar British scents. Cut grass The scent of freshly mowed British lawn—then later sweetly putrefying silage—is our most comforting outdoorsy smell. It cannot be satisfactorily replicated anywhere else in the world. Bonus points, […]

Bad Language

5 Ways for Brits to Accidentally Offend Americans

A pleasant side effect of coming to the U.S. is that you will meet and befriend lots of Americans. In general, they handle exactly like other people but their offense cues are, I’ve noticed, subtly different. You may risk coming over as rude if you engage in any of the following behavior. 1. Heavy swearing […]

Keeping Cool, One

Summer in the States – Keeping Your Cool

Whatever their winters, many states in the U.S. experience significant heat in the summer. Obviously there are places that never get too unbearable, but across a lot of the country temperatures often hit the 90’s (32+ Celsius). In many areas, there’s also humidity, which makes everything so much worse and is unlike anything we experience […]


10 Things That Happen When British Expats Meet in America

Even if you set out to befriend only locals, you’ll inevitably find yourself cozying up to other Brits. And when this happens, you’ll have a lot to chat (read: moan) about… We complain about paying for healthcare I’m sure most U.S.-bound British expats start with the assumption that if they’re paying for health insurance via […]


10 Signs That You’ll Never Move Back to Britain

Have you always assumed you’d return to the homeland when the timing was right? Take note: many expats love their new American life so much they decide to stay put. Read on to find out if you’re one of them. 1. Americans are your new best friends You rarely call the few Brits whose faded […]


10 Things to Do in Your First Week as an Expat in America

My earliest months as a U.S. expat would have gone more smoothly if I’d spent less time dithering like a scared tourist and more time plowing through these sensible steps as soon as I touched down. Apply for a social security number You’ll need to ink these nine digits onto every piece of American paperwork, […]

Rain and Flooding

10 British Issues That Concern Me From Afar

Expats don’t stop worrying about the homeland the moment we board a U.S.-bound plane. We’re anxious for everyone we’ve left behind. And, frankly, much of the stuff that goes on in the U.K. still affects us. The financial crisis At the moment, the U.K.’s economic forecast is pretty doom-steeped. As some experts predicted, the U.K. […]

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