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Articles Tagged 'British Expat of the Month'


British Entrepreneur Brews Up Hard Cider Renaissance in America

Almost every Brit will have a strong opinion about American beers, but what about cider? It perhaps brings to mind lazy, summer days or crazy student nights, but for many years in the U.S., British cider lovers found it hard to get even a taste of the fermented apple juice they loved. Things have changed, […]


British Cancer Researcher on Why He Moved to the U.S.

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the first and only U.S. National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center dedicated solely to children, and British expat Dr. Richard Gilberston M.D, Ph.D, is the director of their Scientific and Comprehensive Cancer Center. A father of three children aged 21, 18 and 16, he describes […]


Former Journalist Gavin Scott on Living a Screenwriter’s Life

Most people couldn’t name (let alone recognize) any successful screenwriters, and as for British ones, well, arguably only Richard Curtis is a household name. But there are plenty of other U.K.-born screenwriters making their living in Hollywood, and Gavin Scott is one of them. Born in Kingston-Upon-Hull, he moved to New Zealand with his family […]

Dave Parry

British Expat of the Month: Dave Parry of Chicago Tafia

While many Brits looking stateside might first think of New York or Los Angeles, there are plenty of other big cities with extensive histories, diverse populations and culture to burn. Chicago is one of these metropolises, and it’s also home to a unique expat Welsh group, the Chicago Tafia, which is run by Dave Parry. […]

Alana Kerr, FEATURE

British Expat of the Month: Alana Kerr – from Belfast to Hollywood

Even though some actors have more luck than others in Hollywood, there are no guarantees: it can be a life of endless auditions, intense competition, temporary jobs and waiting for the phone to ring. But it’s not all about movies and television shows, and Belfast-born Alana Kerr, 29, had only been here a few months […]

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