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Articles Tagged 'British Customs'

An old British payphone

999 vs 911: How Did Brits and Americans Get Their Emergency Numbers?

Cultural differences aren’t always about the big stuff like accents, language and the correct ingredients for a Milky Way bar. Sometimes there are relatively subtle differences that don’t amount to more than a hill of beans, but somehow stick out like a sore thumb nevertheless. Take the phone number everyone rings in case of an […]


5 Great British Sprites for Fairy Day

I know! Hasn’t time just flown by since last year’s Fairy Day celebrations? Some of us have only just got the dust and muck off our sparkly wands, and that was not without risk, bearing in mind their tendency to backfire messily. If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect magical forces at work. Still, here […]


The Components of a British High Tea

In the interests of full disclosure (and because an afternoon tea was the topic of a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory) I should begin by stating that not all British people have personal experience of what goes on when taking what is internationally known as a high tea. In fact, if you were […]


Why Do The English Have A Problem With ‘Trick Or Treating’?

Before we really get into it, can everyone just take a moment to have a look at this video clip? Thanks: That’s right, that’s Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie comically trotting out a fairly widespread line of argument among a certain portion of English people, namely that trick or treating is a vile American import, […]