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Articles Tagged 'British Culture'

Why Do Some Brits Have Multiple Middle Names?

Having a middle name is often a way of paying a tiny tribute to a beloved relative or maintaining a family tradition that will keep grandparents happy. If there are two (or more) middle names, these traditional names can be incorporated with greater ease, and when it comes to family traditions, the Brits are past masters […]

British racing champion Stirling Moss launches British Master Driver tests in London, 1967 (Pic: Jim Gray / Getty Images)

Why Do the Brits Drive on the Left?

Let’s be honest, this question is only phrased this way to appease the two-thirds of the drivers of the world that now drive on the right-hand side of the road. The real question, the question that deserves to be asked, is this: why did everyone else stop driving on the left? Taking the left hand […]

The British Summer

How To Discuss the Weather Like a Brit

First of all, don’t scoff. You may think you know how to talk about things that should apparent to everyone. You just point at the thing, say what it is, and commence a conversation. But that’s not why the Brits talk about the weather. For the residents of a place where it is possible to […]

An old British payphone

999 vs 911: How Did Brits and Americans Get Their Emergency Numbers?

Cultural differences aren’t always about the big stuff like accents, language and the correct ingredients for a Milky Way bar. Sometimes there are relatively subtle differences that don’t amount to more than a hill of beans, but somehow stick out like a sore thumb nevertheless. Take the phone number everyone rings in case of an […]

Dripping tap

WATCH: Why Do the British Have Separate Hot and Cold Taps?

When you grow up expecting things to be a certain way and find out they are not a universal constant, it can be quite bewildering, and when that bewilderment is applied to plumbing, things often get unpleasant. To travel in a land where, for example, toilet paper cannot be flushed, when one is used to […]

Personality Quiz: Which British City Should You Move To?

Britain is, of course, blessed with many fine cities, from Truro in the south and west all the way up to Inverness in the north and east, but if we had to pick five, and then insist that you take a quiz to determine which one you should move to, and then insist (probably at […]

How British Are You?

If you’re a tea-drinking supporter of the royal family, who knows how to stand in line and talks incessantly about the weather, then according to a new study, there’s only one thing you could be. British. The Express reports that a public opinion research group has just done a survey of roughly 2000 Britons asking […]

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