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Articles Tagged 'British bulldog'


10 British Bulldogs That Will Boost Your Mood

What better way to boost your mood than to scroll through a gallery of British bulldogs. Today marks Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day (April 21), and while they can do no wrong in our eyes, the British beauties can get in moods too. Like us, Bulldogs have a whole range of emotions including grumpy, playful, shy, and even the mood to don fancy dress: […]


5 Things Only A British School Kid Would Know

Kids, as the old TV show claimed, say the darndest things. They also play the darndest games, make up the darndest tricks, find the darndest uses for stuff that falls from trees and, in one disturbing example, turn a campaign for understanding and tolerance into the darndest playground insult. How to play British Bulldog(s) Think […]