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Articles Tagged 'British Animals'


10 British Bulldogs That Will Boost Your Mood

What better way to boost your mood than to scroll through a gallery of British bulldogs. Today marks Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day (April 21), and while they can do no wrong in our eyes, the British beauties can get in moods too. Like us, Bulldogs have a whole range of emotions including grumpy, playful, shy, and even the mood to don fancy dress: […]


WATCH: British Animals You Won’t Find in America

Opossums and raccoons are frequent backyard visitors stateside, but what sort of wildlife populates the windy moors and meadows of Blighty? There are some adorable British creatures that are never seen in the States outside of zoos and exotic pet owners. (Note: some of these animals can be found in other countries, but not natively […]