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Articles Tagged 'British accents'

“Interstellar” – European Premiere – Red Carpet Arrivals

10 Actors Who Botched Their Faux Brit-ish Accent

Michael C. Hall stars in the new Netflix crime drama Safe as a widowed father, whose teenage daughter has gone missing from their gated English suburb. Yep, the Dexter star is playing Brit-ish this time around. Based on a novel by Harlen Coben, Hall stars opposite Sherlock star Amanda Abbington, who plays the lead detective […]


10 American Commercials Starring British Faces and Voices

Are commercials more appealing when presented by Brits? We imagine a marketing team setting up a focus group, asking, “Would you be more inclined to talk about your toilet paper use with a delightful British woman?” That may not necessarily be the thought process behind casting British actors, but it does make us inclined to find out more […]


The Vote’s In: British People Have the ‘Hottest’ Accent

Let’s flip through our Anglophenia handbook, yep, just as we thought, on page one: Everything sounds better with a British accent. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who think so. Time Out magazine has conducted a Global Dating Survey, polling 11,000 people, to find out more about dating where readers live. The results cover a range of dating rituals, likes […]

Downton Abbey

Which Brit Has the Most Desirable Accent?

There are many reasons why British voices and accents are greeted with increased (and entirely appropriate) levels of reverence and respect all over the world. Some of them are historical—the British Empire was very big, after all, and those guys knew how to command respect—and some cultural; to do with remarkable achievements in the fields […]


Say What?: How Brits Can Avoid Verbal Confusion in America

Sometimes there’s verbal confusion between Brits and Americans, not so much because of vocabulary differences, but because of simple accent and usage varieties. We can be using the exact same words, but confusion arises because they’re spoken a little differently or occupy a different place in a sentence. Recently, I was reading out a column […]

10 Things That Will Make a Homesick Brit Sob – and How To Cope

Longing for your native land and its people is one of the biggest strains of resettling abroad. And homesickness can strike hours, days, months or even years after you first hop aboard a plane without a return ticket. Here are just a few things that might make you mourn for good old Blighty.    1. Strangers […]