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Articles Tagged 'Britannia'

David Morrissey in Britannia (Photo: Sky)

10 Things You May Not Know About the Roman Invasion of Britain

Today is the first day U.S. viewers will have a chance to see Anglo favorite David Morrissey in Britannia, strutting his stuff as Roman leader Aulus Plautius, as he leads his troops into battle during the Roman invasion of Britain, in AD 43. The show is streaming on Amazon Prime Video as of today, and […]


60th Anniversary of Royal Yacht Britannia

Ahoy there, matey. Please doff your sailor’s cap to honor a bit of British nautical history. It was sixty years ago today (April 16) that Queen Elizabeth II christened Britannia, the last in a long line of royal yachts that date back to the 17th century. For Elizabeth, Britannia was a floating royal residence, a […]