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Articles Tagged 'Blue'


Who Were the British Versions of Your Favorite Boybands?

There’s no love as profound or as abiding as a first love. This is the secret fuel that keeps the engine of pop music ticking along, and it is not to be derided. Boybands know this, and they also know that the trick to a truly lasting appeal (and this has been true since the […]

Blue Blame Political Voting For Eurovision Failure

We probably should have mentioned this in more detail earlier on in our Eurovision coverage, but one recurrent criticism that the entire event suffers from is the question of voting bias. It’s considered that some countries are giving their nearest political allies a boost in the voting in order to show solidarity and support, rather […]

Eurovision Report: The Second Semi Final

That’s it then. The second semi final of Eurovision is over, eyeballs have been peeled, ears destroyed, all of the 25 finalists have been selected, and there is, in a very real sense, no turning back. The big surprises? Well the Netherlands have gone, and they’re usually very good, as have Belgium, Slovakia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, […]

Blue Hit The Eurovision Campaign Trail

It seems there is far more to this Eurovision performance lark that just turning up on the night, doing as well as you can given the circumstances and crossing your fingers that people will vote for you. Certainly the UK’s chosen representative band, Blue, are leaving nothing to chance. They’ve been touring all over Europe […]

Blue Criticize UK Radio For Lack Of Eurovision Support

We may not know who is going to win the Eurovision Song Contest on May 14, we might not be sure which songs will rule the evening and which ones will slink away quietly to lick wounds and recuperate, but one thing is for certain, if the UK entry from Blue doesn’t do well, at […]