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Articles Tagged 'Biopics'


8 Movies About Moving to NYC in Search of a Fresh Start

The forthcoming biopic I Am Woman, premiering today (September 11), follows a young Australian woman named Helen Reddy, who moves to NYC in pursuit of a singing career. With the name of the movie also being her signature hit song, it kind of gives the ending away — hint: she made it. She didn’t just […]


10 of the Best Movies About Real-Life American Presidents

LBJ opened in theaters on Friday (November 3), featuring an almost unrecognizable Woody Harrelson as the so-called “accidental President” forced to assume office in 1963 when his predecessor John F. Kennedy is assassinated. Yep, that’s Woody from Cheers in that pic. We promise. He’s just the latest actor to stake his career on playing one of the most unmistakable men […]