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10 “Noughty” Shows that Changed TV Forever

The 2000s starts on CNN on Sunday (June 8), from the makers of acclaimed decade documentaries called The Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and (you guessed it) The Nineties. The decade that saw 9/11, Katrina and the invention of the iPhone also ushered in some great TV, as cable networks revolutionized the way television was made, people who usually worked […]

UK Big Brother Housemates Learn Michael Jackson Died

19 days after the fact. Don’t you wish that you were sequestered in a house with no access to the press? It would have made these past three weeks more bearable. The shock on the housemates’ faces is palpable…it’s like reliving the moment all over again: Guess who’s been asked back: yep, Russell Brand will […]

Jade Goody Says “Final” Goodbyes to Loved Ones

Jade Goody has reportedly called all of her loved ones to her bedside to say last goodbyes. “Those close to the cancer-stricken Big Brother star say the next 24 hours are critical in assessing how long she has left.” Too sad. Our thoughts are with her family.(Daily Mail) Monkees guitarist Peter Tork says he’s been […]

Prince To Join UK’s Big Brother? Also: He Punched Sinéad O’Connor?

Prince‘s announcement of a summer concert series in London shows that he’s keen on conquering Britain. Now comes news that Mr. Purple Rain himself may do a concert in the UK’s Big Brother house. As far-fetched as this story seems, it’s reported in The Times. A spokeswoman for Prince confirmed that “there has been a […]

Big Brother Contestant Sent Home for Using ‘N’ Word

After cynically using the race row to attract attention to the stale Celebrity Big Brother franchise, British broadcaster Channel 4 were caught off-guard by the outrage directed at them. That’s why the new season of the reality series is being touted as “sexy and fun,” not “controversial.” Covering their asses, they’ve instituted a no-tolerance policy […]

Paul McCartney Hates Big Brother

In spite of the contestants’ “astonishing appetite for wild romps” and “cravings for mind-bending drugs”, Sir Paul McCartney says Big Brother is boring: “I’m against the celebration of mediocrity. I’m sorry about that world because I know everyone loves it and loves to watch mediocre people.” (Daily Mail) “Ex-lap dancer” Charley is already the most […]

Emily Blunt’s Sexy Vanity Fair Spread

Emily Blunt almost bares it all in Vanity Fair. George Michael says he’s “too busy” to attend his drunk-driving trial. I imagine prison frees up one’s schedule quite nicely. Reformed drug addict rock stars just wanna have fun: Justin Hawkins talks to The Guardian about why he came out of the Darkness and into Eurovision. […]

Emily Blunt To Replace Katie Holmes in “Batman” Sequel?

Her star is clearly rising, but is she ready to take on the Dark Knight? Cinema Blend says Emily Blunt, who won a Golden Globe for Gideon’s Daughter, is a frontrunner to replace Katie Holmes in the sequel to Batman Begins: Obviously Chris Nolan is actively looking for someone to take over Katie Holmes’ Rachel […]

Who Loves The Sun? Racists, Maybe???

OK, this is soooo wrongheaded, I almost mistook it for self-satire. On the front page of today’s issue of The Sun, a group of children of differing ethnicities hold signs bearing racial slurs. Apparently, this is in response to the Celebrity Big Brother race row, which has sent the paper scurrying to exalt British tolerance […]

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