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Articles Tagged 'Best Worst 2010'

Our Readers Speak Out: Predictions for 2011

We asked some of our Twitter followers to peek into their crystal balls and tell us what UK-related headlines they expected to see in 2011. What did our budding Sylvia Brownes come up to? Well, there are certainly lots of expectations for the upcoming season of sci-fi Doctor Who, which will feature episodes shot here […]

Top 10 British Stars To Watch in 2011

If 2010 was the year of Florence + the Machine, Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Matt Smith, which UK stars will hit the big time in 2011? These are the names you’ll be hearing a lot about in the months to come… 10. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox leaves her role in the Transformers franchise — who […]

Music Roundup: What’s Coming Up In 2011

With the dawning of the New Year only a few days away, let us take a rest from reacquainting ourselves with some of the year’s best LPs to turn an ear to 2011. Some of the UK’s finest — Coldplay, Radiohead, Mogwai, and Glasvegas — are slated to re-emerge with some new tuneage, while other […]

Look Ahead at 2011: UK TV Series Receiving American Makeovers

Those bigwigs in Hollywood love their British telly. In a feverish race to provide fresh content to hungry American viewers, producers, writers, and executives maintain a watchful eye on the shows that are catching fire across the pond, hoping that they can replicate that success over here. But this process isn’t an exact science: for […]

The Best ‘Doctor Who’ Moments of 2010

In your typical episode of Doctor Who, there are enough clever moments to fill a whole season of other shows — perfectly timed double takes and one-liners so plentiful that even the throwaways are gold. And then there are those moments that catch you off-guard and make you all misty-eyed. UPDATED: Thousands of you voted, […]

The Top 5 TV One Liners of 2010

Some of Britain’s finest actors are fantastically quick at the mouth and we love them for it. Here’s a look back at some of BBC America’s most hilarious and memorable remarks of 2010. 5. “Dear God. What is it like in your funny little brains, it must be so boring.” – Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock […]

The Top 5 Late-Night TV Moments of 2010

When it comes to late-night television, celebrity guests tend to let loose a bit, have a laugh and indulge in a bit of monkey business. And those saucy Brits do not disappoint. Here’s a look back at Anglophenia’s Top 5 late-night moments of 2010. 5. Tattoo You, Harry Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has been […]

The Top 5 British Reality TV Breakout Stars

For better or for worse, the UK is great at reality TV, both at getting its citizens to mug before the camera and producing compelling global formats. And 2010 produced a bumper crop of Brits more than willing to part with a bit of dignity for mass exposure. Others, however, used the reality TV genre […]

The Top 5 Stealth Brits on U.S. TV

So, that dude who plays the page on 30 Rock – is he really from Georgia, or is he secretly from some council estate in Sheffield? You never know these days; stealthy British thespians have learned our ways, assumed our identities, and have successfully infiltrated our TV shows. Call it the Hugh Laurie effect. It’s […]

The Most Cringe-Worthy UK Celebrity Moments of 2010

When it comes down to it, celebrities are human beings, too. They make mistakes just like us. Right? HA! This year saw no shortage of celebrity slip-ups and the press was swift in spotlighting who did what in what fashion. On Monday (December 13), we asked Anglophenia readers to choose which UK personality gave 2010 […]

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