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Articles Tagged 'Bernard Cribbins'

Steven Moffat

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: An Outstanding Achievement

Last night, Doctor Who won two trophies at the TV Choice awards, and Broadchurch (which we’re counting as a Whovian endeavor) scooped up two more. Practically a clean sweep. Doctor Who won in the Best Drama category, and was given the Outstanding Achievement award in recognition of 50 years of good work across all of […]

David Tennant and Kylie Minogue in ‘Doctor Who’

‘Doctor Who’ And The Invasion Of The Pop Stars

Any TV show that has lasted as long, and had as great an impact as Doctor Who would probably have ended up featuring a pop star or two along the way. That’s just simple celebrity thermodynamics in action. But the great thing about Doctor Who is the astonishing range of its musical associations, whether as near-misses, hidden cameos, […]

The Railway Children

‘The Railway Children’ Receives Its First Ever Complaint

They say you can’t please everyone, but some things come pretty damn close. Like The Railway Children, an enduring classic of British cinema that is almost impossible not to love. It has everything, posh kids, commoners, Bernard Cribbins, Jenny Agutter, drama, trains, and this immortal scene, which can reduce parents to tear-spouting sofa-jellies in seconds: […]


Five Fascinating Things About the Town of Wimbledon

The annual Wimbledon tennis tournament is on, it seems a choice moment to have a wander through the back-lanes, greenery and ancient history of the London suburb that shares its name, and find out some interesting facts and, like, say them. And no, the location of The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is not one of […]

Doctor Who

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Time For A Massive Celebration

I’m not entirely sure how much higher fan expectations of the rest of this year can be ramped without necessitating the building of, y’know, a really big ramp. We’re already gagging to find out what happens with Clara Oswin Oswald, we’re already double-gagging to see the rest of Season Seven, the 50th anniversary special and […]

Bernard Cribbins in Old Jack’s Boat

Russell T Davies Writes A Story For Bernard Cribbins

This is rather lovely. Bernard Cribbins, who of course you’ll recognise as Donna Noble’s grandad Wilf from Doctor Who, is starring in a new TV show called Old Jack’s Boat, on the BBC children’s channel CBeebies. The show revolves around a fisherman, his pet Salty Dog, and the stories he tells, and also stars (among […]

Life Outside the TARDIS: The Classic Companions’ Best Roles

Whovians, Anglophenians, Fiends. Romans and Gruntymen, this series has been a lot of fun. We found out that Arthur Darvill used to work with Sooty, we found out that Billie Piper and Matt Smith snogged, and we found out that David Tennant used to be a woman, but all good things must come to an […]

Wilfred, as played by Bernard Cribbins

A Companion To The Doctor’s Companions: Wilfred Mott

Looking back over nearly 50 years of Doctor Who, and all of the various ways in which companions enter and leave the Doctor’s life, it seems odd, given that successive Doctors have been broadly trending younger in physical age, that it took as long as it did before he sought the company of a (physically) […]

Colin Firth And Bernard Cribbins Honored By The Queen

Colin Firth, Bernard Cribbins and Bryan Ferry are among the celebrities who’ll be dusting off their best suits and getting a special shine on their shoes over the next couple of weeks, as they’ve been named in the Queen’s birthday honors list. Colin, who has won endless acclaim for his portrayal of Her Majesty’s father […]