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Articles Tagged 'Beginners'

Why Hasn’t Ewan McGregor Conquered Hollywood? A Look at His Career

Ewan McGregor turned 40 this year, which provides as good an excuse as any to take stock of the Scottish-born actor’s career so far. Oddly enough, for all his talent and good looks, with the notable exception of three Star Wars movies, he has never starred in a huge Hollywood blockbuster. Not that there’s anything […]

Ewan McGregor’s Mother Is Pressuring Him to Do Her Movie

Ewan McGregor hasn’t yet made up his mind if he’ll star in a forthcoming movie his mother is overseeing. The 40-year-old British actor explains: “My mother is executive-producing a movie that’s being made in the Isle of Shetland, and it’s a Scottish story. She is putting a little bit of pressure on me to play […]