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Articles Tagged 'Beatles'

Cox’s Orange Pippin

How Do You Like THESE Apples? 10 Of Britain’s Best

Warning: this has been written by someone who, until a couple of hours ago, thought there were four basic sorts of apples – green, red, pie and sauce. Apparently there are over 7,500, so some of the terminology may be a little off for true apple buffs. And it’s not too fanciful to assume Anglophiles […]

Benedict Cumberbatch

It’s Been A Busy Week For Benedict Cumberbatch…

It’s official,  Benedict Cumberbatch is the hardest-working actor in the world (internationally famous division) right now, and it doesn’t look like the pace is going to slow down anytime soon. Not only are there rumors that he’ll be involved in the NEXT James Bond film, after Skyfall, but he’s also working on a project with […]

Remembering Victor Spinetti, F.O.B. (Friend of the Beatles)

Victor Spinetti, a Welsh actor who appeared in all three Beatles films – A Hard Day’s Night (1964), Help! (1965) and Magical Mystery Tour (1967) – and was a longtime friend of members of the rock group, died of cancer in London on June 19 at age 82. He also appeared in dozens of other […]

The Great British Songbook #11: ‘Real Love’

If you imagine the Great British Songbook as a collection of of precious jewels scattered on a kitchen floor, which need to be gathered up and, y’know, put in a jewellery box or a safe or something, the songs of the Beatles will naturally be among the biggest, and therefore the first to be picked […]

It Was 48 Years Ago Today…

Beatles anniversaries are never too far away, given the amount of very, very noteworthy things the band achieved in such a short time, but it’s always worth stopping  for ten minutes or so to look once again at the footage of their very first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, which took place 48 years […]

Bronze Thieves Steal Sgt Pepper Artist’s Only Public Sculpture

Times are hard in Blackpool, Lancashire. So hard, in fact, that some enterprising thieves have made off with the top half of a bronze statue by Sir Peter Blake, the artist who designed the cover for the Beatles album “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” among many other things. Life As A Circus was created […]

News Roundup: Canada Is Russell Brand-Proof

It’s not easy being Russell Brand. Oh sure, everyone loves you and your strange talkyspeak and your Utopian exhortations, but you’re also a recovering drug addict with several arrests under your belt, just the kind of guy that customs officials tend to have a problem with. That you’re also a black-clad beanpole, topped with a […]

News Roundup: Man Finishes The Biggest British Fry-Up Ever

I’m not sure if this constitutes news to a society that has already given the world that bacon, peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich Elvis used to eat, but if you’re a fan of the great British fry-up, and you always wondered why we serve such puny portions, well we might have found the perfect […]

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