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Articles Tagged 'BBC1'

The White Queen, FINAL

Preview: ‘The White Queen’ Arrives on Starz

Oh, those misbehaving British royals! It’s non-stop bedding, conniving, conspiring and even murder with them. Before you get too excited, we’re not referring to the current occupants of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle but rather to the royals of yore, meaning the 1400s. They are the focus of The White Queen, a new, 10-part historical drama […]

Penguins, Feature

What Are Brits Watching?: ‘Penguins: Spy in the Huddle’

BBC’s latest wildlife series allows us the chance to spy on a colony of penguins … literally. What’s on: Penguins: Spy in the Huddle What is it: This documentary TV show, narrated by David Tennant (Doctor Who), utilizes 50 of nature’s best disguised spy cameras capturing unique footage of three extraordinary species: Emperor Penguins, Rockhoppers and Humboldts. A […]