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Articles Tagged 'BBC Autos'


Top Gear Thursday: ‘Top Gear’ Down Under

Sometimes life here in these United States is depressing. First, we carry the burden of empire (something with which our British cousins have more than a passing acquaintance). Then there’s obesity, which we didn’t invent but many people would argue we’ve perfected. Oh, and don’t forget the prison-industrial complex. But those national shortcomings pale in […]


Top Gear Thursday: Comedy Duo Write a Song About Jeremy Clarkson

“You buy a bag of peanuts in this town, you get a song written about you,” said Orson Welles as the title character of Citizen Kane. Well, Citizen Clarkson has had a new song written about him, by a British singing comedy team known as Hawkeye and Windy, who describe their musical talents as including “mildly amusing lyrics, questionable singing […]


Top Gear Thursday: Did You Know You Could Play Rugby in Your Car?

Next week’s episode of Top Gear (February 25) involves serial indignities to the new Kia Cee’d involving a rock legend, an American cop, curry and (we’re sure you saw this one coming) eels. Oh, and then the boys redefine the term “sports car” when they construct a rugby game with the aforementioned Kia Cee’d. But don’t […]


Top Gear Thursday: BBC Launches New Car Website

Great news for all of you Top Gear-heads and car enthusiasts! The BBC is launching a new car site – and its first official day is TODAY! You should head on over to BBC Autos if you want more of the kind of automotive goodness that you’ve come to love from Top Gear and the […]