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Hermione Granger

10 British Girls’ Names That Struggled to Cross the Pond

Last week we compiled a list of boys’ names that have never really taken off in America to a significant degree, and now it is time to do likewise for the girls. One thing of note is that there’s less of the same dependable dreariness to the girls’ names than there is to some of […]

Clive Owen

10 British Boys’ Names That Struggled To Cross the Pond

Clive Owen is a lucky man. Not only is today his 50th birthday, but he’s been given the gift of double first names, like Elton John, Ben Elton, and Daniel Craig. He is also blessed with a first name that has never really caught on in America. The record company mangnate Clive Davis may disagree, […]


Britain Is Blessed With FIVE Baby Sherlocks

Back in March, we were talking about popular names for British babies and noted that Amelia had made a jump to the No.1 spot for girls since Amy Pond had first turned up in Doctor Who. It’s always interesting to track these changes, but you could easily argue that the two things are not related, […]

Baby Name Photo

The 2012 Most Popular Baby Names

It’s that time of year again – the Most Popular Baby Names of 2012 are revealed. I always like to compare British and American favorites. Let’s see. All a bit boring really, in that there are no unbelievable howlers. What surprises me this year is how many similarities there are on the girls’ lists.  It’ll […]