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Articles Tagged 'April Fool's Day'

Sam Smith

10 April Fool’s Day Spoof Stories and a True One

Let’s just admit one thing before we start: nobody falls for internet April Fool’s gags from companies or famous people. No one. Not a soul. I heard a story about one very gullible person who once thought an online April Fool’s thing seemed plausible, but she was very busy that day and really her mind […]

Bus Shelter Prank

10 Inventive British Pranks: Inspiration for April Fool’s Day

It’s that time of year, when you might hear something kind of funny or a little bit off and then an hour or so later it clicks in your head, “What’s the date? Aw. It’s April 1,” otherwise known as April Fool’s Day. You’re either one of two people on this precarious day, the prankster […]

Hedwig and Harry Potter

The Best Of The Morning’s April Fool’s Day Gags

This is the worst day of the year if your job is to basically find out what other people are talking about, and then report it back to other people, who might not have known about that stuff in the first place. April Fool’s Day is the day when British news sources turn from being […]

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (April 1): April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day has been trending as the number one topic for most of today on Twitter in the UK … honest! Hoaxes abounded all day on the British Isles, and, not surprisingly, some were connected to the royal wedding. In fact, The Guardian perpetrated one of its own pranks, announcing the launch of a […]