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Articles Tagged 'Animals'

2012 Summer TCA Tour – Day 12

WATCH: David Tennant Narrates ‘Spy in the Wild’ Animal Series

As you may have noticed, we’ve been talking to celebs on the red carpet about their #happyplace. And as we’ve mentioned, it’s because we’re so looking forward to Planet Earth II, premiering on BBC America on February 18. Which is our happy place! And you know who else is an animal lover? Doctor Who star David […]


10 British Bulldogs That Will Boost Your Mood

What better way to boost your mood than to scroll through a gallery of British bulldogs. Today marks Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day (April 21), and while they can do no wrong in our eyes, the British beauties can get in moods too. Like us, Bulldogs have a whole range of emotions including grumpy, playful, shy, and even the mood to don fancy dress: […]


Watch: David Tennant Narrates ‘Pets: Wild at Heart’

If you’ve seen the highly popular video series featuring tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos (or tiny pizza, or tiny Thanksgiving dinner), then you know that hamsters are the “in” pet these days. Now, partner one of those cute lil’ guys with our darling David Tennant, and we really have something there. Tennant lends his voice to […]

Squirrel Obstacle Course

British Man Sets Up Squirrel Obstacle Course in Back Garden

The sports scene isn’t just for the two-legged. British YouTube user Steve Barley has hung food for the squirrels dwelling in his back garden, but he’s making these little guys work for it, reports Jezebel. Barley has put in both a lot of thought and labor into constructing a full-fledge obstacle course for his garden […]