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Songs British People Like: From The Enemy to Lily Allen

What kinds of music are the Brits into right now? Well, if you listen to BBC Radio 1, you’ll hear a lot of the same songs you’d hear on American radio – Flo Rida‘s “Right Round,” Taylor Swift‘s “Love Story” (ugh), Kelly Clarkson “My Life Would Suck Without You,” Beyoncé‘s “Halo,” and anything and everything […]

This Week’s AFYi Playlist

I was gonna throw in Chris DeBurgh‘s “Lady In Red” just to lower the hipster quotient of this week’s list, but I thought that would just be too cruel. Enjoy – the Camera Obscura track has always been a fave.

Homegrown Flops That Were Hits Across the Atlantic

***Anglophenia returns Tuesday, July 8th*** It’s Independence Day, and it’s time for a good old list: songs by American artists that were flops stateside but were big hits in the UK: Kid Creole and the Coconuts – “Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy” Perhaps the band was too international for American listeners, but Kid Creole and […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Brian Eno’s “I’ll Come Running”

This is definitely a top 5 favorite for me. In fact, if I ever had my own TV show, Brian Eno‘s 1975 track “I’ll Come Running” (audio only) would be the theme song. Eno, genius producer and former Roxy Music member, wasn’t a great singer, but he has a deadpan English accent that makes lyrics […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Primal Scream’s “Higher Than the Sun”

In my interview with Noel Gallagher at last year’s BRIT Awards, he said Primal Scream should get a Lifetime Achievement award. I don’t know how much stock you put in the proclamations of Mr. Gallagher, but he was really on the money. The Glasgow-based band has been innovating for years, and 1991’s Screamadelica was their […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Rick Astley’s “Cry For Help”

Save your snickers: there’s no “Rickroll” in this video. Three years after “Never Gonna Give You Up” made him a star, Rick Astley grew out his hair, ditched the Stock Aitken Waterman beats, and hired a gospel choir for the 1991 ballad, “Cry For Help.” The result is just as ridiculous but less fun. I […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Samantha Fox’s “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)”

In 2003, Samantha Fox dashed the hopes of her many straight male admirers when she announced she had begun a lesbian relationship with her manager, Myra Stratton. Back in the ’80s, she defined the term “video sex kitten,” with her porn star looks and suggestive songs like the 1986 hit “Touch Me (I Want Your […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Pete Shelley’s “Homosapien”

Rob Halford was to metal what Pete Shelley was to punk – a towering queer voice. As lead singer of Buzzcocks, he included coy references to gay sex, but the dance-rock song “Homosapien” was his coming-out moment. The BBC reportedly banned the song in 1981 for the innuendo-laden lyric, “Homosuperior in my interior.” How punk […]

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