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Articles Tagged 'Andy Partridge'

The Brit List: Five Great XTC Songs Every Household Should Own

For no better reason than the fact that that they’re one of Britain’s great underappreciated treasures, and it’s a sunny day where I’m sitting, here are five songs from XTC’s astonishing catalogue of giddy thrills: “Are You Receiving Me?” For their first couple of albums, none of the noises in XTC songs carried any sustain, […]

Star Tips: How To Write A Hit Song

In celebration of tomorrow night’s Ivor Novello Awards, the London Evening Standard has been polling UK songwriters and performers for their top tips on writing the perfect pop song. Their answers, while occasionally flippant, do strike at the heart of the creative process. So if you’ve ever been tempted to sit down and come up […]

Some Anglo For Your Ear: XTC’s “Life Begins at the Hop”

Andy Partridge may have been “the creative force” in XTC, but bassist Colin Moulding wrote some of the band’s most kickin’ tunes: “Making Plans For Nigel,” “Generals and Majors,” and this buoyant dance tune from Drums & Wires. And, as you Brits say, he was fit as f**k. Mr. Partridge, not so much. The band, […]