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Articles Tagged 'Americans Pretending To Be British'

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 13: The Beastie Boys

You know how this feature works. I pick an example of someone either trying a British accent or developing a snooty faux-English attitude, throw a few snarky lines around, giggle a bit and we all get on with our lives. Today, it’s a little different. On Friday the sad news broke about Adam Yauch of […]

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 12: Mrs Doubtfire

Or Mrs Doubtful, as Scottish people have dubbed her. I mean who is this woman? Where is she from? She appears from out of nowhere, in the middle of a perfectly fine movie about a man who is having a divorce, and rampages around with her not-terribly-convincing Scottish accent, being bad at cooking, and then […]

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 11: Lindsay Lohan

  The producers of the 1998 Disney remake of The Parent Trap must have been terrified when they first started casting for a child actress who could pull off a decent English accent, especially knowing she would have to play against Natasha Richardson. I mean, yes, the corporation don’t have the best track record when […]

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 10: Ross Geller

Always a hilarious bit of business for an American sit-com. If your character has nothing better to do, why not engineer a MacGuffin (incidentally, what is the verb involved with the creation of MacGuffin, do you suppose? Bake? Grow? Ignite?) which leaves a central character having to pretend to be British? And if you can […]

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 9: Gillian Anderson

Here’s a curious thing. For someone with a decent intimate working knowledge of both the upper-crust English accent and the accents of North-Eastern America, Gillian Anderson appears to have little or no control over which one will emerge from her gob. Or should I say she has perfect control and possibly pretends not to so […]

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 8: Stand-Up Comedy

Ah, stand-up comedy, how I love you. Where else can you bear witness to someone attempting to describe an idea no one even knew they thought, or express political thought in a puckish and teasing fashion, or to admit to an embarrassing truth that turns out to be universal (they hope), or simply to make […]

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 7: Spinal Tap

For reasons which are probably caught up in the 1970s and hedonism and Led Zeppelin and all that stuff, whenever Hollywood thinks about the classic rock star, it’ll be a cadaverous British guy, in black leathers, behaving like a toddler (albeit one with an appetite for stronger things than milk and Teletubbies). Russell Brand in […]

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 6: Adrien Brody

Spike Lee is quite a film-maker, is he not? Capable of stirring powerful emotions, capturing simmering tensions within communities and generally nailing the grit, spit and gittishness of city life. What he’s not that great at – if his 1999 film Summer of Sam is anything to go by – is understanding the detailed development […]

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 5: The Beatles

Have you heard about this great lost cartoon band from the ’60s? They were called the Beatles, right, and they had some amazing songs. There was one about holding hands, one about having a ticketty-ride (whatever THAT is), and even one about a walrus…all brilliant. I mean seriously, they could’ve been up there with the […]

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 4: Gwyneth Paltrow

Every high school has one: the student who loves old books and Brief Encounter, the bookish prig with the cut-glass accent who considers him or herself to be a cut above everyone else. The slightly pompous loner with the withering stare — the Fake Brit. These are the people who turn down peanut butter in […]

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