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Articles Tagged 'American Wedding'


What Americans Can Learn From British-Style Weddings

Nuptials. Whichever side of the Atlantic you perform them on, they’re an excuse to dress up and throw a big, boozy party. But British weddings have a certain something—let’s go with “frugal flamboyance”—that Americans just can’t seem to replicate. If the subject of a speech isn’t somewhat offended, it was a bad speech. Toasts (as […]


What to Expect If You’re in an American Wedding

As some Brits discover, there are quite a few differences between weddings back home and weddings in the U.S. If you’re involved in one, here are a few things to be prepared for: “Standing up” Years ago, a close friend asked me to “stand up” for her at her upcoming nuptials. “Oh Lord,” I remember […]