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Articles Tagged 'American TV'


6 Old U.S. TV Shows Brits in America Should Know

Just as Brits refer to TV classics like Blue Peter, Dad’s Army, or Coronation Street, so Americans litter their conversations with names and lines from old TV shows. Although we watched many American TV shows, some classics weren’t shown and others you may just have missed. The shows listed below (and many others besides) can […]


6 U.K. Television Quirks Only Brits Will Know

There are certain things about British television only Brits can appreciate… Carole Hersee & Bubbles the Clown This image, without doubt, is the most bone-chillingly scary thing ever to be broadcast by the BBC. A young girl, who looks like something out of The Shining, is playing noughts and crosses with her limbless clown. It’s terrifying beyond […]


11 TV Shows That Explain American Culture (for a British Expat)

Want to learn everything there is to know about U.S. society without actually leaving the house? Turn on your telly… Veep Despite being conceived and penned by an elite panel of funny Brits (including The Thick Of It‘s Armando Iannucci), this D.C. satire about a shambolic Vice President (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) will school you in U.S. […]