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Articles Tagged 'American Supermarkets'


10 Strange Things Brits Find in American Supermarkets

One of the first things you have to do when you arrive in a new country is to go grocery shopping. New Brits in America probably won’t be intimidated by the size of stores, but once you start wheeling up and down the aisles you’ll notice plenty of choices—and you won’t recognize many of the […]


5 British Food Items You Won’t Find in Major U.S. Grocery Stores

If you ask any British expat what he or she misses most about their homeland, the majority will eventually—after perhaps citing their friends and family—list that very important element of day-to-day living: food. Though most British food items can be found in specialized stores such as Ohio’s Wise Choice British Foods—which also boasts a comprehensive […]


We’re Not in Tesco Anymore: Six Ways U.S. Supermarkets Differ From British Ones

While food shopping (a.k.a. grocery shopping) isn’t an ordeal in the U.S., there are quite a few elements that still surprise Brits. Merchandising Accustomed to the pristine orderliness of the M&S Food Hall or a Sainsbury’s supermarket, Brits often find the American version, well, a bit messy. It’s not disorganized shelves or sloppy sales assistants, […]


Why the U.S. Should Adopt British-Style Supermarkets

Are you craving nineteen varieties of Oreo, or a slab of meat so hormone-pumped it could complete in the Tour de France in record time? Then head to your nearest American supermarket. When I moved to the U.S., the thing that sent me into a rage — more than airport immigration queues and the fact […]