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Articles Tagged 'American Sports'

Interview: Menelik Watson, A Brit Playing American Football

With the NFL season about to start, fans across the U.S.A. are gearing up for the road to the Super Bowl. Among all the razzmatazz, there will be something unusual: British players who will be pulling on a helmet and getting ready for the first down. Menelik Watson, 26, is one of a handful of […]


Which NFL Team Should Brits Root For?

Since 2007, the NFL has exported regular season games to London where quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends have thrilled Brits at a packed Wembley Stadium. So it’s time for those of you who haven’t yet picked a team to pledge your allegiance. First ask yourself a couple of important questions: Are you a glory-hunting, […]


Brits in America: Which U.S. Sport Is For You?

Small talk in America is a lot like small talk in Britain; it tends to center around sports and weather. So if you’re a sports fan moving to the U.S., you may want to take at least a passing interest in one of America’s favorite pastimes. Otherwise, all you’ve got is cloud forms. Here’s our […]


A Confused Brit’s View of Basketball: Why’s It So Easy to Score?

The most common debunking of the game with slam-dunking is that everything happens in the final two minutes. And while I agree with the sentiment of this statement, I do not accept that this is the fundamental ailment from which basketball suffers. The main problem with basketball (thank you for asking) is that it’s too easy for […]


Who’s British in American Sports?

What do Super Bowl winners Osi Umenyiora, Scott McCready and Lawrence Tynes have in common? They were all born in Britain. Now when you think of the “big four” American sports your next thought most likely isn’t: Wow! There have been some really great British players. But did you know that 51 players born in […]


The Brit’s Guide to Being an American Sports Fan

So, you wanna be an American sports fan, huh? Way to go, kid. Here’s the lowdown on how to make it in the major leagues. Pick a sport First things first. You’ll need to decide which game takes your fancy. What follows is a U.K. to U.S. pastime conversion chart to help you decide. Rugby […]