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Articles Tagged 'American Food'


5 ‘Health Foods’ Brits Don’t Widely Appreciate

When you think of American snacks, you probably picture edibles that are no friend to your waistline, things like Twinkies, Slim Jims and S’mores. But a minute on the lips doesn’t have to mean a lifetime on the hips, and there’s a wide range of nibbles and beverages marketed in the U.S. as “health foods,” […]


10 Southern U.S. Dishes Every Brit Should Try

If you’ve come to America hoping to get lethally fat on deliciousness, head to that strip of states along the bottom and start munching. Because down there, the food is, quite literally, to die for. Not sure what to order? Start with these superb Southern staples. Fried green tomatoes Who’d have thought a dish featuring […]

Carved Beef Wellington

How to British Up Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Although we don’t grow up with Thanksgiving, Brits in the U.S. are often charged with the task of “doing” Thanksgiving dinner anyway. It’s stressful enough for Americans, but, for Brits, it’s compounded by strange food and the inevitable American in the wings intent on explaining how Thanksgiving is “usually done.” (Cause for the first family […]

Cornish pasties

#MindTheChat Q&A with Foodies & Founders of English Pork Pie Company

Who doesn’t love food suggestions? No one we’ve ever met. Food can mend heartache, create bonds, and, well, we need it to survive, so why not talk about it? In honor of Food Network’s New York City Wine and Food Festival (October 16-19), we were joined by Buffalo, New York’s esteemed English Pork Pie Company Wednesday […]


10 British and American Store-Bought Items You Can Make Yourself

Ever looked down at your shopping trolley and wondered if the packets, jars and bottles of processed deliciousness you’ve piled up could be manufactured in your kitchen? Guess what, they can! We’ve scoured the net for homemade versions of popular foodstuffs—five British and five American—that you’d normally buy readymade. (Also: to convert British gas mark […]


10 Strange Things Brits Find in American Supermarkets

One of the first things you have to do when you arrive in a new country is to go grocery shopping. New Brits in America probably won’t be intimidated by the size of stores, but once you start wheeling up and down the aisles you’ll notice plenty of choices—and you won’t recognize many of the […]

Decorated cupcakes on counter

How to Bake Like an American: 10 Tips for Brits

Perhaps you were known as the Muffin Queen back at your old British job. But when you pry open your Tupperware in your new American office, are your colleagues noticeably unimpressed? Maybe you need to start baking like a native. Stock up on vanilla Virtually every U.S. recipe for sweet baked goods calls for what […]


6 American Food Habits Brits Will Never Understand

Despite the fact that many American food trends are now global, there are still a few dishes that Brits here don’t do. Sweet and savory combo Unless it’s a Chinese meal or pineapple and ham on pizza (yuck), most Brits don’t really go for sweet and savory on the same plate. Although there are some […]


10 American Substitutes for British Grocery Staples

So, you’re craving various foodstuffs from home but can’t track them down in the U.S. or bring yourself to pay five times what the product is worth in international shipping. What do you do? Why, find an American substitute, of course! Here are ten of the most convincing. Angel Delight = instant pudding mix British […]