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Help! Siri Can’t Understand My British Accent

So, I finally caved and bought an iPhone. What can I tell you, I had a coupon for a free case. After unpacking it with the kind of care and attention that’s normally reserved for de-swaddling a sweaty newborn, I caress the glass and accidentally press or swipe something that launches Siri. “Ooh, it’s a […]


8 American Dialects Most Brits Don’t Know About

Before moving to the United States, many British expatriates may not be aware that—just like Britain itself—countless regional dialects make up their new adoptive country. Sure, most Brits are doubtless familiar with a generic form of New York, Southern and general American English, a.k.a. the accent of the nightly news, but—from one region to the […]


10 American English Words and Phrases British Expats Eventually Adopt

As a British expat who has lived and worked in the U.S. for over five years, I remain very much in favor of embracing the various wonderful nuances this country has to offer. However, there was one aspect of my move that—during the initial settling-in period—I secretly feared: the gradual Americanization of my vocabulary. Now […]

Be All and End All

Close, But No Cigar: British vs. American Idioms

British English and American English have a number of phrases that mean the same thing and are so similar in wording, after a few years as an expat, you forget which one’s which. While these phrases don’t usually cause much confusion, it’s interesting to note the differences. For example, where Brits will say “peaks and […]

Tea calms Britons

12 Ways to Speak and Spell Like an American

Working as a journalist in Los Angeles, I often read requests for people who can speak and understand “British English” or “American English” – but what does that mean? As a new arrival in the U.S.A. you will notice that some things are different – and sometimes very different. 1. Swaps Thanks to modern communication, […]