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Articles Tagged 'Afternoon Tea'

Personality Quiz: How Should You Take Your Tea?

The way you take your tea says a lot about you as a person, and that’s after you consider the non-verbal messages sent by the way tea is served in your immediate presence. A full tea set suggests a very traditional outlook, a chipped mug with a tea bag string hanging from the handle suggests […]


The Components of a British High Tea

In the interests of full disclosure (and because an afternoon tea was the topic of a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory) I should begin by stating that not all British people have personal experience of what goes on when taking what is internationally known as a high tea. In fact, if you were […]

Tea and Sympathy

10 Places to Do Tea in NYC

Making a cuppa at home is nice and relaxing, but why not make it into an event and “do” Afternoon Tea at some of our favorite spots in NYC. Check out ten delightful but totally unique experiences (in no particular order): 1. Tea & Sympathy Address: 108 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011 Times: Mon – […]

Fraser’s cat

London’s First Cat Café Opens

If you’re a busy commuter, with a job that demands a lot and leaves no time to look after a pet, you’ll have probably felt the sad ache of realisation that the stress-relieving, cuddly joys of stroking a cat while sipping a hot beverage will probably have to remain beyond your reach. But what if […]

Mark Strong, FINAL

10 British Things About Detroit, MI

Detroit can use a little love these days. There’s plenty to do, get out and enjoy some Brit-friendly events in this fine Midwest city and its surrounding areas. 1. AMC Crime Drama The AMC channel chose Detroit as its backdrop to film the TV adaptation of the film Low Winter Sun. The story is based […]