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British vs. American Ads: Which TV Commercials Make You Blush?

At the risk of turning this into a “Which is better?” debate, it’s fair to say that there’s quite a difference between British and American TV ads. What one viewing audience finds acceptable is often highly inappropriate to the other and I find myself saying “I can’t believe they just showed that” on both sides […]

Love Hate marmite

Marmite TV Ad Results in 100s of Complaints

Marmite, a savory yeast extract spread, is considered to be an acquired taste. Apparently, so is the TV ad that Unilever, the makers of Marmite, has come up with in their new campaign. Unilever embraced the “love it or hate it” reaction people have for the salty paste, creating a commercial that features a special […]

The Brit List: Britain’s 10 Catchiest Ad Jingles

Warning: reading this blog post could be hazardous to your musical health. According to “research,” Britons say they spend 58 minutes a week with an advertising jingle, often unwanted, stuck in their heads. Now it’s your turn. Even though Brits may not want to remember the tunes, said a recent survey cited in the Telegraph, […]

Startling British TV Ads of 2011

Other people’s TV commercials are weird, aren’t they? It’s easy to get used to your own because they’re on all the time, and the internal reference points have to be universal to your culture or they don’t really work as adverts. Play the same ads across a global arena and everything suddenly looks very different. […]

WATCH: Transvestite Tears In New Always Advert

Advertisements for feminine hygiene products often fall into two broad categories. The distressingly frank (woman speaks to camera about periods), and the confusingly vague (woman roller-skates to work, pulled by a team of dalmations). What we are about to show you is a third camp, and let’s be clear here, camp is very much the […]