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The Results Are In: Glaswegian Accent Is Sexiest

We all interpret sound differently, and each of us has a preference when it comes to accents, but we can agree on one thing: A British accent is dead sexy. But, does one region trump others? According to British Airways, who did a recent survey of 1,000 Americans, the accent of Glasgow, Scotland is the most […]


The Vote’s In: British People Have the ‘Hottest’ Accent

Let’s flip through our Anglophenia handbook, yep, just as we thought, on page one: Everything sounds better with a British accent. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who think so. Time Out magazine has conducted a Global Dating Survey, polling 11,000 people, to find out more about dating where readers live. The results cover a range of dating rituals, likes […]


8 American Dialects Most Brits Don’t Know About

Before moving to the United States, many British expatriates may not be aware that—just like Britain itself—countless regional dialects make up their new adoptive country. Sure, most Brits are doubtless familiar with a generic form of New York, Southern and general American English, a.k.a. the accent of the nightly news, but—from one region to the […]


WATCH: One Woman, 17 British Accents

We’re endlessly fascinated with Britain and its myriad of native accents: you can drive 50 miles in one direction and not be able to understand what people are saying. Enter Siobhan Thompson, who, in the latest episode of our Anglophenia YouTube series, performs 17 regional accents of the British Isles along with the celebrities who […]

English Gent

Five Lessons That Will Help Sort Out Your ‘British’ Accent

First of all, it’s important to state that there is no ‘British’ accent. There are so many regional dialects spread across tiny geographical areas that to arrive in, say, Swansea or Leicester (pronounced “lester”—you’re welcome), and launch into a stream of corblimey cockneyisms would go down extraordinarily badly. Actually, arriving in Glasgow and attempting a […]

Colin Firth, Stiff Upper Lip

6 British Things Americans Admire

There are many things that Americans seems to like about us Brits and our culture. Far be it for me to blow the collective British trumpet, though; I asked a handful of Americans-in-the-U.K. (with no prompting) what they most liked about us. Interestingly, our stiff upper lip was mentioned more than once. “Americans complain about […]


10 Things Americans Love About Living in Britain

Like many true Anglophiles, my eyes light up at just the thought of making a visit to the U.K. I adore being abroad; anything is possible. While every day may bring a new adventure when living in Britain, here’s a list of the most common things Americans fall in love with, almost as soon as […]

Tea calms Britons

12 Ways to Speak and Spell Like an American

Working as a journalist in Los Angeles, I often read requests for people who can speak and understand “British English” or “American English” – but what does that mean? As a new arrival in the U.S.A. you will notice that some things are different – and sometimes very different. 1. Swaps Thanks to modern communication, […]