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10 Prequels We’d Actually Like to See

Prequels appear to be all the rage, what with this week’s news that 1980s puppet fantasy film The Dark Crystal will get a ten-episode backstory on Netflix next year. Other prequels in the works include a Willy Wonka origins story; a series going back to the rookie days of 24‘s Jack Bauer, Endeavour-style; a film exploring […]

Vogue 100 Festival – Gala – Arrivals

Jennifer Saunders Lets Us Down Easy: No More ‘Ab Fab’

Okay, take a breath. Are you steady, now? Yes, it’s true, Absolutely Fabulous has seen its prime according to co-creator Jennifer Saunders, and the film that came out earlier this year is the last of its kind. But, on a lighter note, she delivered the news in such a funny way, that it has us […]

Vogue 100 Festival – Gala – Arrivals

WATCH: That Time Jennifer Saunders Photobombed a Kardashian

You didn’t hear about this? Well, indeed, it did happen: Absolutely Fabulous co-creator and star Jennifer Saunders was on the same red carpet as Kourtney Kardashian (the one with three children, if you can’t keep them straight) last week and Saunders wanted to shake things up. The British actress caught the young reality star giving […]


Joanna Lumley Pays Homage to Elvis with Documentary

Elvis Presley is one of those people who doesn’t need a surname to be recognizable. You just know him by his first name. Joanna Lumley, whom we know as Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous among other roles, was introduced to his music as a young girl growing up in England. Lumley has teamed up with ITV to […]


First Look: ‘Ab Fab: The Movie’ Has Begun Filming

The women of Absolutely Fabulous are back, and they don’t appear to be slowing down. Best friends and life mates, Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone, portrayed by co-creator Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, are spotted fleeing to the French Riviera after being blamed for a fashion blunder in their native U.K., reports Variety. BBC Films […]

Jennifer Saunders – Book Signing

WATCH: ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Movie Has a Start Date

We’ve been talking about the Absolutely Fabulous series making it to the big screen for a while now, and plans seem to be falling into place. Comedienne and co-creator Jennifer Saunders first broke the news that there’d be more Ab Fab on the way in October 2013, telling a U.K. radio station, “It’s in my […]


‘Ab Fab’ 23 Years Later: Where Are They Now?

Absolutely Fabulous, created by comedy team Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, hit British airwaves in 1992 like a much-needed slap in the face after a late night out. Lucky for us, Comedy Central picked up the series, introducing American audiences to the ridiculously over-the-top best friends Eddy (Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley), and their notoriously inappropriate […]

Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders

Photos: Celebrity Olympic Torchbearers… It’s the Final Stretch!

Wow, the day is finally here! The Olympic torch started its adventure in Land’s End, Cornwall, making its way to the four corners of the United Kingdon, landing in East London at the Olympic Stadium this evening (July 27) at 7:30 pm ET for the Opening Ceremony. Over 8,000 people have carried the torch on its journey […]