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Articles Tagged ''80s Music Week'

’80s Music Week: Five Great British Music Videos

The ’80s was the decade of the music video, what with MTV and the rise of the aristocratic pop star that refused to flog their wares in TV studios all over the world. And it’s fair to say that the British pop acts realised this slightly quicker than their American counterparts. The fact that we’d […]

’80s Music Week: Five Great ‘Fire and Ice’ Electropop Duos

Once upon a time, the most efficient way to make pop music involved a guitar or two, a bass, a set of drums and some voices. You could get away with only employing three people without sacrificing the bottom end or the rhythm, but certainly no fewer. Then the synthesizer arrived, and shortly after that, […]

’80s Music Week: Five Great British Gender-Bending Pop Stars

Although the glam-rock campery of the early ’70s had already started asking serious questions about dress codes and gender roles of men and women in showbiz, it was usually fairly easy to spot which was which, with the possible exception of David Bowie. Resplendent in their long hair and makeup the Sweet may have been, […]

’80s Music Week: Five Great Depeche Mode Songs

This week has officially been designated as ’80s Music Week on Anglophenia. And to kick us off, here’s a brief stone-skip across the career of a band who could not be more ’80s if they tried. Arriving at the beginning of the decade on a synthpop ship that appalled red-blooded rock fans and delighted everyone […]