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10 British Things About Oakland, CA

Oakland, California was initially settled by the Huchiun tribe before colonization by Spaniards in the 16th century and later sold to the U.S. by Mexico. The city became a true settlement during 1852 with an influx of blue-collar Americans seeking work during the Industrial Revolution. Now, it’s a hip hub in the Bay Area, right […]


10 British Things About El Paso, TX

While El Paso, TX was initially Indian Territory before it was colonized by Spaniards in the 16th century, Anglophilia quickly swept through the territory with the establishment of Fort Bliss in 1854, where over the next century multiple Brits would be stationed. Fort Bliss is where the El Paso craze of rugby began, and is […]


10 British Things About Spokane, WA

First home to the hunter-gatherer Spokane Tribe approximately eight to 12,000 years ago, and then to tradesmen of Canada’s Northwest Fur Company, 211,000 people of all nationalities have settled in Spokane, Washington. Spokane may not have the historic ties to London Town like other U.S. cities but, from ’60s bands to Doctor Who meetup groups, it has […]

Horicon Drive

10 British Things about Madison, WI

Named for the greatly admired forefather of America, James Madison, Madison, Wisconsin‘s origins date back to the 1820s. While an authentically all-American town, having served as a center for the Union Army during the Civil War, Madison has quite a variety of British things to taste, purchase, sort through, and admire: 1. Madison British Car […]

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10 British Things About Fresno, CA

Located in the San Joaquin Valley, directly in the heart of California, the city of Fresno has little, if any, historic British ties. Fresno’s incredibly fertile valleys and agricultural opportunity appealed mostly to Scandinavian, German, Japanese, Russian, Armenian, and Mexican immigrants eager to make a living farming in America. Even so, not even Fresno is […]

The Highlander, Dish

10 British Things About Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach, Virginia, is home to Cape Henry, the first U.S. landing of English colonists in 1607. Princess Anne County is no longer on the map, and has been merged into Virginia Beach, but there’s a Princess Anne Road and a high school named after the royal. With these British ties, it’s not too surprising […]

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10 British Things About Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, the third largest city in Ohio, is named after the Society of the Cincinnati, a historical organization in which Prime Minister Winston Churchill was inducted as a member. Churchill described Cincinnati as one of “the most beautiful of America’s inland cities.” The city has lived up to Churchill’s description landing on Forbes’ list of top Cities’ Emerging […]

Northern Soul

10 British Things About Hudson County, NJ

We already took a spin around Bergen County, New Jersey, exploring British organizations and events. And, why stop there? Hudson County, named after English explorer Henry Hudson, is all sorts of Britished-up. Hoboken, just a 15-minute subway ride from Manhattan, landed at number one on Anglophenia’s The 10 Most British Towns in America list. Here are 10 British things […]

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10 British Things About Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY landed on Forbes Magazine’s list of best cities to raise a family at number three in 2010. The city offers ample family-friendly events with this list of 100 attractions. It’s not just about the lil’ ones, here are some British goings-on for mum and dad: 1. The Old Toad The Old Toad, located at 277 Alexander St, is […]


10 British Things About Jacksonville, FL

As the largest city in Florida—in fact, the largest city by area in the contiguous United States—it’s perhaps little surprise that there’s a lot going on in Jacksonville. And plenty of those goings-on are British-themed, even notwithstanding Florida’s status as a popular destination for Brit tourists. Here’s our pick of 10 different goings-on that might […]

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