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Pink Floyd in 1967 (Photo: Keystone Features/Getty Images)

Five Underrated Pink Floyd Songs to Play Loud

It’s a busy time for Pink Floyd fans right now. David Gilmour has a new album Rattle That Lock out on September 18, Roger Waters is simulcasting his film Roger Waters The Wall* at selected U.K. cinemas on September 29, with an added simulcast joint interview with himself and Nick Mason, and he’s promising a […]


‘Atlantis’ Cast: Where Else Can You See Them?

We’re gearing up for the return of the BBC AMERICA series Atlantis, premiering on Saturday, June 27 at 9/8c. A year has passed in the troubled city, and the people of Atlantis are dealing with the aftermath of King Minos’ (Alexander Siddig) death and Ariadne (Aiysha Hart) becoming Queen. Luckily for Jason (Jack Donnelly), he and his friends are a […]

The Smiths

Five Great British Songs That Offer Romantic Advice

Valentine’s Day is one of those events that serves to teach us all an important lesson, namely that no two romantic entanglements (or the lack thereof) are the same. It might seem like everyone is all hearts and flowers all day long, but, y’know, some people are allergic to pollen. That said, there are some […]


20 Greatest British Songs of 2013

The best year in ages for British music? It sure seems that way. Adele‘s general absence (outside of her Oscar win) from stages and radio stations may have taken focus off the U.K. recording industry on this side of the Pond in 2013. But a great diversity has taken root in Britain, with young artists […]


5 Things Only A British School Kid Would Know

Kids, as the old TV show claimed, say the darndest things. They also play the darndest games, make up the darndest tricks, find the darndest uses for stuff that falls from trees and, in one disturbing example, turn a campaign for understanding and tolerance into the darndest playground insult. How to play British Bulldog(s) Think […]

Lil Reds

Five American Things The Brits Have Never Found Cool

Don’t be getting all up in my grill, this is just the flipside of the feature we ran a while ago about American things the Brits always find cool. It’s a yin/yang thing, so be cool, yeah? The External Monologue Hey, you know that voice in your head that says things all the time? The […]

Black Shuck

Move Over Nessie: Five Mythical British Beasts

The Loch Ness monster is one of the most famous mythical beasts in the world, up there with Sasquatch and the yeti and the perfect wife for TV’s Simon Cowell. But Nessie is by no means the only made-up beastie to come from the British Isles. In fact, for such a small geographical area, there […]


The Brit List: Five Ways Americans Ruined the English Language

There’s a phrase used in robotics, “the uncanny valley,” that describes the problem of building a robot and making it look human. Broadly speaking, the closer to reality you get, the ickier your robot becomes. There’s only so far you can go towards making it a lifelike representation of a real human before the tiny […]


The Brit List: 7 Famous Transatlantic Couples

Tonight (January 25) at 11/10c, BBC America premieres its latest Brit List special Top 20 Women Who Date Across the Pond, which counts down the biggest female celebrities who have found love with men from the other side of Atlantic. But long before there was a Robsten, Gwyneth locked sights on her Coldplay beau, or […]

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