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Brits in America: 10 Reasons to Always Carry ID

There are many instances in the U.S. where you’ll be asked to produce some form of photo ID. When it’s just your age that’s being verified, a passport will often suffice, although personally, I’d be afraid of losing mine. In other cases, however, you need something that gives your name, date of birth and your […]


Which American Literary Classics Should Every Brit Read?

How much American literature Brits studied in school largely depends on their age. If you’re over 45, you may have studied one classic (To Kill A Mockingbird, usually) but unless you specifically took American Literature at school or college, that was probably it. Younger Brits had Maya Angelou, John Steinbeck, Arthur Miller or Harper Lee, […]


Traveling State-To-State in America: Things to Keep in Mind

Although it’s all one, big United States of America, there are some differences between the states to bear in mind when traveling around the country. Time differences There are four time zones in the continental U.S. (Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern), and it’s important to know when you’re crossing those zone lines. When flying, your […]


Bucket List: 6 Things British Expats Must Do Before Leaving America

As we know, this country is huge and varied, so a real bucket list could fill a book. However, there are a few things I’d recommend all Brits in America do while they’re here. (Please feel free to add your recommendations below.) Eat something you’d never find in the U.K. Although many American food chains […]


10 British and American Store-Bought Items You Can Make Yourself

Ever looked down at your shopping trolley and wondered if the packets, jars and bottles of processed deliciousness you’ve piled up could be manufactured in your kitchen? Guess what, they can! We’ve scoured the net for homemade versions of popular foodstuffs—five British and five American—that you’d normally buy readymade. (Also: to convert British gas mark […]


10 Clothing Hacks to Cool You Down in a Hot American Summer

Come July, America can feel like someone cranked the sauna up to eleven. But you can keep the heat from wrecking your outfit by employing some of these cooling sartorial tips. Chill your jeans If you must wear full-length denim during the summer, stick your trousers in the freezer overnight. For maximum cool, put them […]


World Cup 2014 Watch Guide: Why You Won’t Miss a Kick

It has often been said that “Americans don’t care about real football.” Thankfully, this assertion continues to carry less and less weight these days. NBC’s successful live coverage of every game during the 2013/14 Premier League season proved that football’s reputation is growing in the United States. Thankfully for British expat soccer fans, an even […]


9 Ways for Brits to Style Their Homes Like Americans

To a British eye, U.S. homes and interiors often have a foreign feel: big, bold and unabashed. Here are some of the key looks and styles for creating an abode that screams U.S.A. Go large Because Americans in every financial bracket tend to inhabit bigger spaces than their British and European counterparts, their furniture is […]

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