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Quiz: Which U.S. Region Should You Move To?

As an expat, choosing where to settle in the U.S.–if your job or family doesn’t do this for you–is the one of the biggest dilemmas you’ll face. But knowing roughly what kind of lifestyle awaits in one of the eight major regions will help you narrow it down. Right now, you’re just a few probing […]


8 Things to Consider Before Moving Pets to America

Can’t stand the thought of giving up your very British bulldog just because you’re relocating to America? So, bring him with you. But before you crate up your mutt or moggy, consider the following. Are they likely to thrive abroad? Be honest and ask yourself if your beloved furry friend will be able to cope […]


‘Why’s It Called the World Series?’: 6 FAQs from Brits in America

Obviously, every Brit’s experience in the U.S. is different, but there are a few questions most of us have, at least when we first arrive. (Not necessarily a criticism, by the way, just different.) No metric? While the majority of the civilized world has embraced all things metric, Americans are still dealing in gallons, inches […]

Warm Feet

What to Do If You Get Cold Feet Before Moving to America

Moving to the United States is a lot like attending school for the first time: there’s a new lingo to learn; a certain dress code to acknowledge; a list of rules to follow. Moreover, the food is not what you are used to and—until the first conversation has taken place—everyone is a stranger. It is […]


10 American Substitutes for British Grocery Staples

So, you’re craving various foodstuffs from home but can’t track them down in the U.S. or bring yourself to pay five times what the product is worth in international shipping. What do you do? Why, find an American substitute, of course! Here are ten of the most convincing. Angel Delight = instant pudding mix British […]


8 Stupid Mistakes Brits Make in America

Let’s be honest, Brits on holiday can be a little bit dreadful. Alas, we’re often not much better when we’re living in another country, stubbornly refusing to bow down to the local customs and quirks. Here’s how we disgrace ourselves in the U.S. We moan about tipping Even Brits who’ve been in the U.S. for […]


8 Reasons to Raise British Children in America

Possibly, it was around the time you had babies — or were contemplating it — that you last considered moving back to the U.K. And that’s totally understandable. Healthcare is free and adoring grandparents are readily available for date night babysitting. That said, there are plenty of positives to bringing up children in the U.S. […]


A British Expat’s Guide to Living in Indiana

One of the most common questions I get from Hoosiers (a term of uncertain etymology, referring to the people of Indiana) is Why on earth did you give up London for little old Indiana? While the answer to this question should be reserved for another time, I must ask in turn why locals offer such […]

Kim Kardashian Breaks The No White Rule After Labor Day

What Not to Wear in the U.S.

Clothing has been known to cause confusion and laughter for Brits in America, partly because although we use the same words, we’re not always talking about the same thing. For example, an American vest is a British waistcoat, while a British vest is an undergarment worn on the top half of the body. Anyone in […]

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