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David Perry’s 10 Tips For Success

Mention the name Earthworm Jim, and many people will disappear into digital nostalgia. It was just one of many legendary video games developed by Northern Irish-born David Perry, who has lived in California for over 20 years. Born in Lisburn, County Down, he went to school in Belfast and became fascinated by computers—especially making video […]

7 Movie and TV Titles That Changed After Crossing the Atlantic

Masterpiece’s new period drama Home Fires was inspired by the book Jambusters and is about Britain’s Women’s Institute and the work its members did during the Second World War. The book’s title was based on a pun of the name “Dambusters,” the British squadron that beat the Germans in 1943. Now, however, the book has […]

‘What If I Never Moved to the U.S.?’ Asks Brit in America

I don’t have many regrets in life. Having made the decision to relocate 4,000 miles from one country to another, this is probably a good thing, especially in light of some of the challenges that come with such a relocation. That said, it is interesting to consider what my life would have been like had […]

Interview: Menelik Watson, A Brit Playing American Football

With the NFL season about to start, fans across the U.S.A. are gearing up for the road to the Super Bowl. Among all the razzmatazz, there will be something unusual: British players who will be pulling on a helmet and getting ready for the first down. Menelik Watson, 26, is one of a handful of […]

Is It Necessary to Say ‘Please’ in America?

Lynne Murphy is an American linguist who has lived in the U.K. since 2000. She is a Reader in Linguistics & English Language at the University of Sussex and writes the extremely popular blog “Separated by a Common Language” where she examines word usage on either side of the Pond. Lynne recently wrote about the […]

In Quotes: What Do Brits Think About Americans?

Several months ago, I was intrigued to read the following comment in The Economist, (December 20, 2014): “To be snooty about Americans, while slavishly admiring them; this is another crucial characteristic of being British.” While technically a quote about Brits, I do agree that we can be terribly snooty about Americans and their culture. Many of […]


10 Classic Schoolyard Games: Americans vs. Brits

British and American kids spend their lunch breaks playing a lot of the same schoolyard games: everything from hopscotch and Blind Man’s Buff to jump rope, better known as skipping in the U.K. But some playground pursuits never crossed the Atlantic. Here’s our guide to some uniquely British and American break-time games. Note that rules, […]


Why I Might Never Move Back to the U.K.

I once compared the process of relocating to the U.S. with that of starting school for the first time. For the initial few months, you’re a little reticent to talk to your new classmates, to learn a new set of rules, or to leave behind the familiar surroundings of home. However, and I’m going to […]


8 Aspects of British Life I Came to Forget

It is common knowledge among regular readers of Mind the Gap that we Brits do like to reminisce about the things we miss from back home. However, there are perhaps just as many aspects of British life that—instead of filling our minds with longing—escape our minds entirely. It isn’t necessarily that these elements conjure up […]

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