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Articles Categorized as 'Help Our Planet'


BBC America Brings Harmony to Homes With ‘Planet Earth: A Celebration’ Premiering August 31

This August, BBC America brings audiences the ultimate musical and wildlife thrill in Planet Earth: A Celebration, a four-network television event premiering on Monday, August 31 at 8pm ET across BBC America, AMC, SundanceTV and IFC. Planet Earth: A Celebration highlights eight of the most extraordinary sequences from BBC America’s impactful and Emmy®-winning Planet Earth […]


‘Planet Earth: A Celebration’: How You Can Help

Planet Earth: A Celebration, the upcoming four-network television event, brings audiences the ultimate musical and wildlife thrill as it highlights eight of the most extraordinary sequences from BBC America’s impactful and Emmy-winning Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II. The broadcast will feature new narration from Sir David Attenborough. Additionally,  award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, Jacob […]


‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’: How to Help Save African Wildlife

Africa is home to some of the most iconic animals on the planet, with many facing extinction within our lifetime due to poaching and habitat loss. The Northern white rhino in particular has only two remaining females left in existence, while the Black rhino population is down 98% since 1960. The organizations below are working […]


‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ Antarctica: How to Help Albatrosses and Petrels

Albatrosses and petrels are the ultimate migratory “wind birds,” navigating the tough climate of the Southern Ocean and serving as a vital part of the ecosystem. Often mating for life, their longterm survival is at risk due to longline fishing, changing weather patterns, pollution and habitat destruction. The organizations below are working toward solutions that […]


‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ Europe: How to Help Threatened Wildlife

Urban sprawl and development on the crowded continent of Europe has pushed species like the Iberian lynx to the very brink of extinction. These endangered felines once numbered in the thousands across Spain, Portugal and France, but a decreasing food base, habitat loss, dangerous motorways, and illegal hunting have led to their rapid decline. Conservation […]


‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ Asia: How to Help Rainforests, Orangutans, Rhinos and Whale Sharks

The tropical forests of Indonesia are biodiversity hotspots, and provide a hidden sanctuary to rare species like orangutans and Sumatran rhinos. The organizations below are fighting to protect these threatened habitats from increasing deforestation, and to save the critically endangered animals who live there. Visit their pages for more information on how you can help […]


‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ North America: How to Help Florida Manatees

Every winter, manatees gather in enormous numbers in the crowded waterways of Florida. These gentle giants face daily danger from boat strikes — the leading cause of manatee deaths. By the 1990s, only around 1,000 Florida manatees remained in the wild, but organizations like the ones below have brought the population back up to over […]


‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ Australia: Wildfire Relief

There are ways you can help Australia today. For more information and details of how you can support relief efforts, please visit the following organizations: Australian Red Cross Australian Red Cross: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Australian Wildlife Organizations RSPCA NSW: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Wildlife Victoria: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Australian Fire Services New South Wales Rural Fire Service: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Victoria’s […]