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9 Celebrities Who #LoveTheDarts

Darts has been huge news on U.K TV for decades, only beaten out in the ratings by soccer. Now, what is perhaps the greatest spectator sport of all time, has found a new U.S. home on BBC America, airing Thursdays 10/9C. If you’ve never thrown a dart, or watched a pair of pros battle it out, then […]


Anglophenia’s Sharon Carpenter Reveals Her Favorite Red Carpet Moments and Why She Loves Hosting ‘HQ Trivia’

To celebrate National Trivia Day, Anglophenia quizzed our reporter-at-large, Sharon Carpenter, on what it’s like to host HQ Trivia, the headline-grabbing app that delivers real-time quizzes — and the possibility of cash prizes — to hundreds of thousands of users. In case you’re unaware, HQ is a smartphone game show app that requires users to “tune in” at a […]

British actor Daniel Radcliffe poses for photographs on the Promenade des Planches on September 10, 2016 in the northwestern sea resort of Deauville, as part of the 42nd Deauville US Film Festival.  / AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU

Double Take: Daniel Radcliffe Has a Russian Doppelgänger

Would the real Daniel Radcliffe please stand up? What you’re about to see (below) may appear to be photos of Harry Potter star, but in fact they’re snaps of his real life Russian lookalike, Hogwarts and all. Radcliffe’s bespectacled face was first made famous when he took on the role of J.K. Rowling’s boy wizard […]


8 Shows to Binge Watch with a New Year’s Day ‘Hangover’

It’s been a crazy week. You’ve gorged on festive food, laughed at your weird uncle’s terrible jokes and pricked your feet on so many fallen Christmas tree needles your soles look like pin boards. With all that merrymaking, you’ve likely lost track of what day it is, but take it from us: It’s time to put […]


EXCLUSIVE: Denzel Washington and Usher React to New BAFTA Diversity Rule

Anglophenia’s Sharon Carpenter hit the red carpet at a New York City screening of the new movie Fences. The film, which is currently in theaters, is based on the 1983 play by the late August Wilson and follows the struggles of an African American father and his family in 1950s America. Sharon touched base with the cast, including the […]


Remembering Carrie Fisher on ‘The Graham Norton Show’

The actress best known for her role in Star Wars, and later her screenwriting and raw wit, has died. Carrie Fisher passed away today, aged 60, after suffering a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles last Friday. Like everyone who admired Carrie — an undisputed icon — we’re deeply saddened by […]

(FILES) This picture taken in March 1946

Agatha Christie: Four Heroines That Make Her an Unlikely Feminist Icon

Despite being one of the most famous authors of all time, Agatha Christie has sometimes been criticized for featuring stale gender stereotypes in her books and plays. But in fact, she fought Victorian literary conventions, which saw women painted as frivolous and focused on men, to bring the public gutsy females with great minds. Christie’s […]


10 Classic Schoolyard Games: Americans vs. Brits

British and American kids spend their lunch breaks playing a lot of the same schoolyard games: everything from hopscotch and Blind Man’s Buff to jump rope, better known as skipping in the U.K. But some playground pursuits never crossed the Atlantic. Here’s our guide to some uniquely British and American break-time games. Note that rules, […]


8 Things No One Tells You About Living in the U.S.

Looking back to when I first moved to the U.S., it’s now clear that I knew almost nothing about what day-to-day life in America was like. But over the years, you pick up clues and adapt accordingly. Some things you learn to love; others require you to develop some serious coping strategies. This is the […]

Quiz: Which U.S. Region Should You Move To?

As an expat, choosing where to settle in the U.S.–if your job or family doesn’t do this for you–is the one of the biggest dilemmas you’ll face. But knowing roughly what kind of lifestyle awaits in one of the eight major regions will help you narrow it down. Right now, you’re just a few probing […]

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