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25 New French Songs You Should Hear in Summer 2016

With football’s European Championships tournament kicking off in Paris over the weekend, we thought we’d add our own pièce de résistance to the proceedings with some of the most popular music coming out of France in 2016. Whether you’re into pop, electronica, or dance here are 25 of the hottest tunes coming out of la […]

‘What If I Never Moved to the U.S.?’ Asks Brit in America

I don’t have many regrets in life. Having made the decision to relocate 4,000 miles from one country to another, this is probably a good thing, especially in light of some of the challenges that come with such a relocation. That said, it is interesting to consider what my life would have been like had […]


Why I Might Never Move Back to the U.K.

I once compared the process of relocating to the U.S. with that of starting school for the first time. For the initial few months, you’re a little reticent to talk to your new classmates, to learn a new set of rules, or to leave behind the familiar surroundings of home. However, and I’m going to […]


8 Aspects of British Life I Came to Forget

It is common knowledge among regular readers of Mind the Gap that we Brits do like to reminisce about the things we miss from back home. However, there are perhaps just as many aspects of British life that—instead of filling our minds with longing—escape our minds entirely. It isn’t necessarily that these elements conjure up […]


Can a Brit Find Good Cider in America?

If there is one alcoholic drink that represents the U.K., it is almost certainly cider. Britain produces more cider than any other nation on the planet, using 57 percent of all apples grown in the U.K. Whether sitting down to quaff a pint of the old Strongbow, the decidedly less-alcoholic Woodpecker, or one of the […]


10 Lesser-Known British and American Spelling Differences

Ask most Brits and Americans to compile a list of spelling differences between their two nations and—more often than not—comparisons such as color/colour, theater/theatre, and meter/metre will land among the three most common suggestions. However, the disparity between British and American spellings reaches far beyond these oft-cited examples, to the point that some variations go […]


Finance: 10 Terminological Differences Between Britain and America

Well, it’s that time of year again when post-Christmas wallets are weighed up and paperwork is gathered for the filing of taxes. And so, for British expats in particular, there is no time like the present to become acquainted with the myriad of U.K./U.S. terminological differences that exist within the world of finance. To help […]


British Expats: A Regional Guide to U.S. Winter Weather

It is often said, and usually with a dose of light-hearted banter, that the British excel at the following things: drinking tea, maintaining a stiff upper lip, and complaining about the weather. Indeed, there was once a time when the latter of those stereotypes was something I, myself, had been party to. And then I […]


5 British Christmas Words and Phrases Not Widely Used in the U.S.

As if getting to grips with a multitude of new Christmas customs wasn’t already a challenge for Brits in America, the language of Christmas is equally complex. Indeed, when I first moved to the United States in the winter of 2008, I became almost immediately the source of light-hearted ridicule for wording my festive greetings […]


5 British Sports Traditions You Won’t Find in the U.S.

Anyone who has spent time in the United States will understand that the country rightly prides itself on its own sports. NFL dominates the sporting landscape, while its predecessor, rugby, enjoys only limited popularity; instead of cricket, baseball is preferred; and while soccer is certainly growing here, you’re still more likely to hear about basketball’s […]

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