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James writes about the weird and wonderful side of living in L.A. and can be found at

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Robots At Your Service

In the fictional world, robots are either friend (Short Circuit, Big Hero 6) or foe (Blade Runner, the Daleks), but despite the best efforts of tech companies, getting humans to accept them in real life have largely come to a big, binary zero. That fascination/fear of robots with emotions and intelligence was highlighted in last […]


David Perry’s 10 Tips For Success

Mention the name Earthworm Jim, and many people will disappear into digital nostalgia. It was just one of many legendary video games developed by Northern Irish-born David Perry, who has lived in California for over 20 years. Born in Lisburn, County Down, he went to school in Belfast and became fascinated by computers—especially making video […]

Interview: Menelik Watson, A Brit Playing American Football

With the NFL season about to start, fans across the U.S.A. are gearing up for the road to the Super Bowl. Among all the razzmatazz, there will be something unusual: British players who will be pulling on a helmet and getting ready for the first down. Menelik Watson, 26, is one of a handful of […]


10 Things James Coulson Learned as a Brit Filming America

In the middle of his road trip across America, British filmmaker James Coulson decided he’d seen enough—and applied for U.S. citizenship. “And yes, I did the swearing in where you pledge allegiance to the flag,” he admits happily. Growing up in a small village outside Northampton, the young Coulson was obsessed with Spider-Man, then the […]


Meditation? There’s an App for That

The dream of less stress, better sleep and more time to concentrate on the important things in life has universal appeal, but mention “meditation” and many people think of a bald monk in orange robes sitting with his eyes closed and contemplating the world. Who has that kind of time these days? Isn’t there an […]


Brit Takes Bite Out of America’s Cupcake Craze

In 2012, the news was abuzz with a very colorful story. In Beverly Hills, a new ATM was open for business, though this one was very unusual. It didn’t dispense money; it gave out something far tastier: gourmet cupcakes. Those ATMs are found in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and New York, something that only […]

Frances Anderton

KCRW Host Frances Anderton: Why L.A. Architecture is Interesting

Not many people see Los Angeles as an epicenter for architecture. An epicenter for earthquakes, perhaps, but isn’t it a city strangled by miles of endless freeway, supplied by roadside strip malls, and serviced by enormous parking lots? British radio host, producer and author Frances Anderton couldn’t disagree more. Talking by phone following her early […]


British Entrepreneur Brews Up Hard Cider Renaissance in America

Almost every Brit will have a strong opinion about American beers, but what about cider? It perhaps brings to mind lazy, summer days or crazy student nights, but for many years in the U.S., British cider lovers found it hard to get even a taste of the fermented apple juice they loved. Things have changed, […]


Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’

It’s not just the work of Will Shakespeare that makes it across the Atlantic. British dramas, comedies, and high-energy musicals regularly take up residency on Broadway (and then usually tour across the U.S. too), but sometimes it’s something very different. Liverpool-born Steve Cooper has spent nearly five years touring the U.S. and the world playing […]


British Cancer Researcher on Why He Moved to the U.S.

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the first and only U.S. National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center dedicated solely to children, and British expat Dr. Richard Gilberston M.D, Ph.D, is the director of their Scientific and Comprehensive Cancer Center. A father of three children aged 21, 18 and 16, he describes […]

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