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#MindTheChat Q&A with ‘The Game’ Creator Toby Whithouse

Toby Whithouse, creator of BBC AMERICA’s 1970s-set spy drama The Game and the original U.S. Being Human, joined us, tweeting from @hanniganspiteri, Wednesday (December 9) for a a @MindtheGap_BBCA #MindTheChat Twitter session to answer all your questions on his life and career.   Toby channels Oscar Wilde to give his best advice to aspiring writers: @stecaine #MindTheChat Read everything. From newspapers […]


10 American Things in London

Finding American things in London can be an expat’s dream come true. However, as a tourist you may be wondering why you would ever want to visit “American” things across the pond. You’ll surely rethink yourself when you become homesick for Teddy Grahams and Philly cheesesteaks. Or after checking out our list of some of […]


#MindTheChat Q&A: How to Travel with Pets

Pet Relocation, based out of Austin, Texas, acts as a travel agent when relocating your pet, whether it be in the United States or overseas, offering services like corporate and military pet relocation, the relocation of large and exotic pets. We were joined by the company, tweeting from @PetRelocation, Wednesday (December 3) for a @MindtheGap_BBCA […]


10 Places to Stock Up on British Goods in NYC

If you’re an expat desperate for the taste of MacClean’s Traditional Toothpaste or an Anglophile with regular cravings for Cadbury chocolate (you know, the real stuff), look no further—we’ve found ten foolproof places for U.K. treats and supplies: 1. Myers of Keswick Located in the “Little Britain” of NYC—a tiny oasis located on 634 Hudson St. […]

two best friends dog and cat in Christmas night

Next Week’s #MindTheChat on Pets

Get ready, pet owners! While there is no @MindtheGap_BBCA #MindTheChat on Twitter this Wednesday (November 25), we invite you to prepare for next week’s session (December 3) on the non-human bundles of joy in your lives—your pets. We’d like to know how many pets you have, their species, breed, and unique personalities. Share your pets routines, […]


10 Must-Try Cake Shops in London

America may be home to world-famous bakeries like the Sprinkles empire, but we’re newbies compared with the Brits, who’ve been baking luxury cakes since the Middle Ages. London, in particular, has an intense cake game—not to mention some pretty marvelous cupcakes. Along with the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London, add these patisseries […]


#MindTheChat Q&A: Thanksgiving Dinner Tips from Chef James Briscione

Chef James Briscione‘s career began humbly; he was a football star and dishwasher at a brunch spot in his adolescence. He turned down a college football scholarship to ascend the back-of-house restaurant ladder and became an impressive “chef de cuisine at the incredible age of 23.” Briscione is now “Director of Culinary Development at the […]


10 British Things About Oakland, CA

Oakland, California was initially settled by the Huchiun tribe before colonization by Spaniards in the 16th century and later sold to the U.S. by Mexico. The city became a true settlement during 1852 with an influx of blue-collar Americans seeking work during the Industrial Revolution. Now, it’s a hip hub in the Bay Area, right […]

lynne murphy

#MindTheChat Q&A: British vs. American English

American linguist Lynne Murphy explains her title of “Reader” in Linguistics and English Language at the University of Sussex as the U.S. equivalent of a “professor.” Lynne also operates the blog Separated by a Common Language, where she makes “observations on British and American English by an American linguist in the U.K.” To clear up […]


10 British Things About Tulsa, OK

In the early 19th century, members of the Lochapoka and Creek tribes named their newfound territory Tallasi, which means “old creek.” The name later changed to Tulsa when Mayor Colonel Edward E. Calkins took over the area in 1898. Tulsa may not have British roots, but it sure has British heart, just take a look […]

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