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Beyond ‘NOS4A2’: 8 More Joe Hill Stories to Scare You Senseless

The Season 2 finale of NOS4A2 is airing this Sunday at 10pm EST, and if you’re anything like us, you’re already dreading the comedown from all those “HOLY SH*T!” sleep-with-a-nightlight-on-because-demons-may-actually-be-real level frights we’ve been watching every week. Luckily, you don’t have to go back to nightmare-less nights anytime soon — not if author Joe Hill has […]


10 Memorable Stephen King Adaptations: From ‘The Green Mile’ to ‘Stand by Me’

With over 100 novels, novellas and short stories, award-winning author Stephen King has been dominating the horror/supernatural/sci-fi/fantasy genre for over half a century. The characters born of his genius (and hyperactive) imagination — telekinetic teens, shapeshifting clowns, ghost twins, and rabid Saint Bernards — have made for reliable, Grade-A nightmare fodder all throughout his career […]


‘Killing Eve’: The Most Holy Sh*t Moments from the Season 3 Premiere

The highly anticipated Season 3 premiere of Killing Eve was chock full of surprises, all of the murderous and darkly hilarious variety that we’ve come to relish. Now that we’ve had a couple days to recover, let’s unpack the key moments we can’t stop thinking about, including the quiet scene that made the episode’s tragic ending […]


WATCH: Celebrate World Wildlife Day with Animals from Around the Globe

In case you hadn’t heard, today (March 3) is World Wildlife Day! Not that we need an excuse to celebrate the animals who share our home — Seven Worlds, One Planet has been ahead of the game, putting a spotlight on each continent’s extraordinary wildlife every week. Before the gripping ‘Making Of’ episode airs this […]


Stars Spill on Worst Auditions and Fan-ing Out at 2017 BAFTA Tea Party

Have you ever bombed a job interview? Well, you’re not alone. Anglophenia’s Maude Garrett caught up with the stars of The Handmaid’s Tale, This is Us, Westworld, and more at the 2017 BAFTA Tea Party, where they spilled on their worst auditions ever before hitting the Emmys. Vice Principals’ Kimberly Hebert Gregory gets the full […]


‘Top of the Lake: China Girl’ Stars Reveal their Mothers’ Best Advice

Anglophenia’s Sharon Carpenter hit the red carpet premiere of Sundance’s Top of the Lake: China Girl with stars Elisabeth Moss, Gwendoline Christie, Alice Englert, and writer/director Jane Campion. Moss, who plays Detective Robin Griffin, is having a white-hot year so far, most notably also starring as Offred in The Handmaid’s Tale. Here she draws parallels between the two women she calls […]

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